Enhanced self-preservation
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Identify danger and evade it

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"She was exceptionally good at evading enemies."
―Entry on Victoria's gift

Enhanced self-preservation is Victoria's power to identify and escape any danger.


It is likely that Victoria could sense a vague vibe that indicates danger is near, and she then directed herself out of harm's way until the "vibe" faded or disappeared altogether. It also allowed her to instinctively know how to evade an attack and know the time to run. Bella noticed her ability because while fighting with Edward Cullen in Eclipse, her feet seemed to bring her to a safe place while warring with her lust for revenge. It is described as the feeling of being pulled to safety.

Victoria could also identify any danger, as demonstrated when she sensed James hunting her before they became a bonded pair. Another example is when the Volturi came to recruit Heidi, and Victoria sensed that the Volturi were going to kill her and her covenmates after acquiring Heidi's talents.

This power manifested from her ability to escape a pursuer while she was still a human, being able to hide or run away without getting caught.


This power only worked on the user alone. When the user is in danger, she would feel compelled to run away, and any desire to stay would become secondary as her desire to survive was too great for her to suppress, unless she was angered and forced to fight that instinct.

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