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Before 2500s B.C; Egypt


Before 2500s B.C; Egypt

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  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
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Basic vampire abilities

  • Amun's slave (human life)
  • Coven Co-Leader (Vampire life)

Kebi is a member of the Egyptian Coven. She never talks and rarely leaves her mate's, Amun, side and always gives off an obedient aura towards him. She leaves fairly quickly with him, after the Volturi show up in Breaking Dawn.


Early lifeEdit

Kebi was chosen by Amun from his human slaves because of her beauty and total loyalty to her master. Even after her conversion, their relationship was never one of equals. When Amun decided to bow to the Volturi's demands, Kebi followed his lead without question. She would have done the same had he decided to defy the Volturi and end both their lives.

Kebi has little emotion for anyone besides Amun. Benjamin she tolerated because he made Amun happy, but she was somewhat jealous of the boy. When Benjamin brought Tia home, Kebi was pleased; she hoped Amun would be less entranced with the boy when it was clear he loved Tia more than Amun. Kebi's hopes about that rift were not entirely fulfilled, as Benjamin continued to love Amun as a father. But Amun's jealousy of Benjamin's affections, though well concealed, was enough to make Kebi content.

Breaking DawnEdit

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Kebi, as a member of the Egyptian coven, is called to witness for the Cullens to persuade the Volturi to accept Renesmee as a vampire hybrid instead of an immortal child. When Renesmee tries to show Amun her story through her special ability, he refuses. He wouldn't allow Kebi to touch her, either. She never disagrees with him and follows his decisions without question. Although she doubts them at times, she still goes along with them, though whether she is intimidated or simply a pacifist is unknown. Bella has never heard her talk. She is never farther away from Amun than his shadow.

Kebi leaves with Amun before the "trial" ended. In the movie, she and Amun stay in the clearing throughout the entire confrontation.

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