Physical Attraction
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Become attractive to other people

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"She is overwhelmingly physically appealing to men and women, humans and vampires. Resisting her allure is possible but also very difficult, especially if she is trying hard to attract."
―Entry on Heidi's gift

Physical attraction is Heidi's power make the user attractive to other people, whether mortal or immortal.


This power works well in luring people into traps. Anyone who sees her will find her physically attractive and feel themselves drawn toward her, regardless of gender or species. She can also use this power to make people do her commands.This gift makes her the perfect fisher for the Volturi.


It is possible to resist her power, but it is difficult to accomplish, especially when she tries hard to attract someone. This gift, like Jane's, Alec's, and Demetri's, works inside the head and so can be blocked by Bella's power, as mentioned in The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Raoul had the power to attract weak-minded individuals and make them view him as their leader.