Physical Repulsion
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Cause others to feel mentally repulsed from the user

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"He has the ability to make anyone feel physically repulsed. He can use this ability to make someone unable to think of him for a period of time."

―Entry on Fred's gift

Physical repulsion is Fred's special ability to make others feel physically repulsed by him.


"I guess Fred can sort of repel people on purpose. It's all in our heads, though. He makes us repelled at the thought of being near him."

―Diego explaining Fred's gift

Fred can use it to drive others away, keeping him safe. Bree always sits behind him to avoid trouble. As he grows older, he learns to make others feel repulsive even by thinking about him, making him almost "invisible" to them.

This power proves to be very useful as Fred is able to evacuate a whole basement full of vampires with his revulsion. He also used this gift to avoid the fight between the Cullens and the newborn army in Eclipse, becoming "invisible" for at least 20 minutes while he escaped before the other newborns approached the Cullen family.

This power is described as physical by Stephenie Meyer, and thus goes unaffected by Bella's mental shield.


His gift is only temporary and works from a certain range, as those who aren't in his presence do not feel the effects of his gift once they move away from him. He can use it to escape his pursuers, but the effects wear off after a certain time.

Similar abilitiesEdit

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  • Jasper Hale's pathokinesis allows him to change the way someone physically feels.