Protective Shield
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"She can shield herself and others, repelling physical attacks and confusing the attacker and making him forget his purpose."

―Entry on Renata's gift

A protective shield is Renata's gift to deflect any and all kinds of physical attack by making the attacker temporarily forget her or his intentions and motivations and go the other way.


Relatively little is known about this power. Renata, of the Volturi Guard, shows it in protection of Aro, and she needs to be physically in contact with him in order to fully protect him with her gift. On occasion, she includes Marcus and Caius in her shield. Eleazar has mentioned that she can project her shield several meters out from herself to protect those of her priority.


This power is more restricted than Bella Swan's. As, like many abilities, it is mental, it does not influence Bella and those she protects. Also, since her power works by repelling an attacker pursuing her, it probably has no effect against a long-range supernatural talent, such as Jane's illusion of pain or Benjamin's atmoskinesis.

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Bella Swan shows the power to shield herself and others from powers that affect the mind, such as mind reading, illusion or any sort of intrusion to the mind. Since Renata's power works on a mental basis, she can probably be rendered powerless by Bella's shield.
  • Afton possesses the power to shield himself from pursuers, making them think that he is invisible. However, his power is much more restrained in that he can only shield himself, and that his power can be easily broken through by someone with a sharp focus.