Skylark Coven
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  • Skylark's
  • Skylark coven
  • Vegetarians
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Elvin  and Saran

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Skylark Gurads

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secondary enforcement of the vampire law


The Skylark coven founded by Elvin And Saran  with consist of powerful ability members.Edit

Skylark Coven

The Skylark coven is Group of Teenage vegetarian vampire based in Fork, Washington (Orginal New York) that was created by Elvin And saran .

The Skylark's are the powerful coven in world, they have very talanted gifted members.

They are known to be very loyal to each other and put more value on human life than most other vampires. Abstaining from human blood takes the competitive aspect out of their hunting instincts, and as a result allows them to form stronger family bonds than traditional vampires

They have hightest authority after Volturi and British Coven . they act as Opposition of some unfair law of rulling coven.

They not really move place to place because they have permanent resident as Skylark Mansion (Castle).

The Skylark coven It consists of Elvin , Saran ,Ricky ,Alvin ,Jessi ,James,Dustin , Scott and Maddie . maximum members are supernaturally gifted. Skylark coven founded by Elvin and Saran , Skylark coven is very powerful coven because of his ability member, volturi want to join us, but they refuse them. this coven close to Olympic and Denali coven. its is the largest Vegetarian Coven in vampire world.


Elvin is founder of Skylark Coven, he accidently bitten by Carlisle Cullen. when he get a car crash with carlisle car and when he get to save Elvin. Elvin panic on getting out of his car, Bymistake  His hand get sanks on Carlisle teeth and led of his tranformation. 

Saran is listed as Co-leader because he is best friend of Elvin in human world. his create by Elvin because he accidently know that he vampire.

Ricky is one of his friend in human time.